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Two and a Half Men Slowly and in a Circular Fashion (HD, TV-14) Walden enlists the help of Alan when he is forced to deal with his ex-wife, Bridget, and her mother, who plan to take control of his entire company.
Seinfeld The Mom & Pop Store (HD, TV-PG) George buys a convertible once owned by Jon Voight; Kramer tries to save a small shoe-repair business; Elaine wins tickets to a parade for Mr. Pitt.
Seinfeld The Stock Tip (HD, TV-PG) Jerry and George discover inside information that gives them hope for a new stock; Elaine discovers she is allergic to her boyfriend's cats.
The Cleveland Show A General Thanksgiving Episode (HD, TV-14) Holt reveals he wasn't even invited to his estranged family's dinner, so Rallo invites his father for the holidays; Cleveland tries to open an airport bar.
FOX 8 News at 10PM (HD, Repeat) Late breaking news events and top stories of the day are updated by the FOX 8 Nightly News Team along with the latest weather and tomorrow's forecast.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Goes to the Movies (TV-G) Dennis' parents hire a babysitter in order to catch a movie alone, and the troublesome youngster has a friend pose as him while he sneaks away to the cinema.
Dennis the Menace The Fishing Trip (TV-G) Dennis' well-intended father engages in secretive planning with Mr. Wilson in order for the two of them to go fishing without the boy.
Dennis the Menace Grandpa and Miss Cathcart (TV-G) Dennis comes to the decision that Grandpa Perkins is lonely and in need of romantic companionship, leading the youngster to seek out a neighbor.
Dennis the Menace Innocents in Space (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is simultaneously shocked and delighted at the possibility of discovering a satellite that turns out to be the mischief of Dennis and his friends.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Garden (TV-G) Dennis makes the considerable mistake of wandering into Mr. Wilson's garden and swapping out his prized dahlia bulbs with his own sweet potatoes.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Haunts a House (TV-G) Dennis and his playful peers set up a secretive clubhouse in the crawl space beneath Mr. Wilson's home, and the gruff neighbor begins to hear noises.
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