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Impractical Jokers Footloose (TV-14) Joe, Murr, Q and Sal challenge each other to call out odd names while working in an office building; the guys ask strangers for help with dating profiles.
Impractical Jokers Elevating the Game (TV-14) The boys mess with patrons after they take over the registers at a burger joint and then go to a department store to cause even more trouble.
Tee Time Augusta
Two and a Half Men Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop (HD, TV-14) Charlie sleeps with Rose again only to have her father show up the next day demanding to know what Charlie's plans are for his daughter.
Two and a Half Men That Voodoo That I Do Do (HD, TV-14) Charlie dupes Jake into taking ballet so that he may pursue the sultry instructor, but his plan goes amiss when ironically Jake falls for her himself.
FOX 8 News at 6PM (HD, New) Updates on local, state and national news get presented by the FOX8 Evening News Team, along with traffic reports and the region's weekly weather forecasts.
Alice The Last Stow It, Part 1 (TV-PG) The waitresses are shocked after Mel reveals that he sold the diner to a much less indulgent man who will not tolerate disobedience from his employees.
Alice The Last Stow It, Part 2 (TV-PG) Mel changes his mind about leaving the restaurant business, but when the new owner refuses to sell back the diner, he must open an eatery in Alice's apartment.
Alice Has Anyone Here Seen Telly? (TV-PG) Vera is thrilled to see actor Telly Savalas in the diner, but when none of her co-workers will believe her she ends up quitting the diner in protest.
Alice Flo's Chili Reception (TV-PG) Mel's Texas-style chili gets critically acclaimed, but when he sees his competitor romancing Flo, he believes that he is using her to get his recipe.
Alice Alice Beats the Clock (TV-PG) Mel installs a time clock to get more work out of his waitresses, but the ladies catch him on a technicality and demand payment after working overtime.
Alice Profit Without Honor (TV-PG) Alice comes up with an agreement to help Mel with his financial issues, but he soon learns he can get a good sum of money if the city condemns the property.
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