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« The Real (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The hosts discuss love interests during "Ask the Love Editor"; contestants participate in a guessing game called "Ante Up" for a chance to win money.
Crime Watch Daily Marriage, Murder, and Mayhem; Birthday Murder (HD, New, TV-PG) Veteran reporters provide in-depth information on unsolved murder investigations, crimes caught on camera, courtroom dramas, sting operations, and more.
Judge Judy Victim Payback for Towing Scam?!; Beach Day Turns Violent?! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Judge Judy rules on a case that involves alleged fraud and vandalism; a couple's relaxing day at the beach ends up concluding with domestic battery charges.
Judge Judy Give Me My Sports Car!; When Potted Plants Attackā€¦ (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Judge Judy orders a woman to sign over a car to her former boyfriend; a woman takes her green-thumbed neighbor to court for property damage.
FOX 8 News at 4PM (HD, New) The day's top news headlines are examined by the FOX 8 News Team, along with the local events, sports, weather, traffic and other timely updates.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie and the Secret Weapon (TV-G) Tony and Roger are studying blueprints for a new space station and when Jeannie blinks up a toy model of the top secret project Tony is accused of theft.
Bewitched Samantha for the Defense (TV-G) Benjamin Franklin goes to court to defend himself against accusations of theft after he is arrested for attempting to steal a fire engine.
Bewitched Gazebo Never Forgets (TV-G) Samantha goes to the bank to apply for a home remodeling loan; when he comes to inspect the land, Samantha must hide a conjured baby elephant.
Welcome Back Kotter Basket Case (TV-PG) Kotter faces pressure to give a student a passing grade on an exam, so he may play on the basketball team; Kotter challenges the student to a game.
Soap (TV-PG) Donohue and Chester anxiously await Jessica's decision, which leaves one man shocked and heartbroken; Burt's alien abduction continues.
Benson $1,000,000 an Hour (TV-PG) Benson discovers an embarrassing situation for the governor and a political hot potato when he realizes there is an unexpected budget surplus of $8 million.
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