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New Day Cleveland (HD, New) The New Day Cleveland hosts offer the latest news, informational and entertainment choices, community attractions, local events, festivals and celebrations.
The Dr. Oz Show Alzheimer's Action Plan: Your Biggest Alzheimer's Questions Answered (HD, New, TV-PG) Oz discusses Alzheimer's disease and the reason why women seem to be affected more by it than men; Olivia Newton-John discusses her battle with breast cancer.
FOX 8 News at Noon (HD, New) The latest regional, statewide and national news events along with economic news, sports reports, weather and traffic are provided by the FOX 8 News Team.
Father Knows Best The Ten Dollar Question (TV-G) Jim and Margaret become so tired of the kids telling on each other that they offer a reward for the person who goes the longest without snitching.
Father Knows Best Adopted Daughter (TV-G) Kitten becomes convinced that she was adopted, despite looking just like her sister, and sets out to get her parents to admit to the candid truth.
Dennis the Menace The Chinese Girl (TV-G) The Wilson household grows a little bit larger after George and Martha agree to take in a girl from Hong Kong, whom Dennis quickly befriends.
Dennis the Menace You Go Your Way (TV-G) Dennis accidentally stokes unfounded rumors throughout the neighborhood after relaying an argument that he hears in the Wilson household.
Hazel The Marriage Trap (TV-G) Hazel devises a scheme to bring George's secretary and her lawyer boyfriend back together after the couple breaks up with one another following an argument.
Hazel The Flagpole (TV-G) Hazel attempts to buy George a 30-foot flagpole when he receives an enormous flag from a government agency, but he doesn't want it on his front yard.
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